January 2, 2006:

December 23, 2005:

My desktop in the middle of graphics hacking.

December 3, 2005:

November 24, 2004:

Some evidence boxes and menus have now been translated. Professional-looking, isn't it?

November 11, 2004:

A few shots from the middle of Case 1.
It ain't easy being cross-examined.

October 28, 2004:

The first complete sentences successfully translated, from the very beginning of Case 1.

October 23, 2004:

First successful test of variable-width font routine. Notice the As aren't square, unlike Japanese characters. I had to insert 400 lines of assembly code to make this change.
Fun with inserting spurious control codes into the script. This is control code 0x57, that makes the "psycho lock" animation appear. It's never supposed to happen with the judge :). Logo