Official translation for DS announced; project cancelled.
- Broco, April 13th, 2007

Good news! I would never have expected it when I started the project three years ago, but Phoenix Wright has been successful enough outside of Japan for Capcom to officially translate GS3. So, as I promised, I am shutting down the project so as not to compete with them. Please note that I haven't been asked by Capcom to shut down, or indeed contacted by them in any way -- this is my own decision, and indeed it's what I always said I would do if this happened. So no conspiracy theories please :).

This is for the best, since after finishing Case 1 I got a full-time job, the work had been going at a sluggish pace, and at this rate it was going to take forever to release anything further. I'm pleased that the series got popular enough for the third game to be released, and I'd like to think my translation had some small part in that.

I am withdrawing the Case 1 translation patch from download. The hacking tools will still be available, in case someone wants to use them to translate the game into a non-English language, but the translated scripts will be removed from the package. I encourage you to go out and buy the DS version instead when it comes out.

I'd like to thank all the Phoenix Wright fans for their feedback and support; I do appreciate it even though I didn't always have time to reply to every e-mail. Logo